Privacy Policy

Transfer of personal data

To prevent the leakage of any confidential information from our resource, we use the latest encryption systems and other developments in the field of cybersecurity. However, we cannot guarantee that this information will not be available to third parties if the user does not ensure the complete secrecy of the data used or uses unprotected communication channels. In such cases, the company does not bear responsibility for the security of the information.

Processing of customer's personal data.

The personal data of the customer necessary for his/her identification are transferred to the company with the consent of the user. When registering on the website, the customer gives his/her voluntary consent to storage, processing, and use of his/her data. The company reserves the right to use this information to communicate advertising information about the products and services offered, as well as the information materials that are directly related to the work of the website.

Company Regulations

To improve the quality of service and customer service, we use cookies, which help us to form a list of behavioral factors of website visitors, collect data on the number of transitions made by a particular user, his/her IP-address, etc. This information is necessary to control the use of our online platform, which does not contradict either the Privacy Policy or the national legislation of different countries.

At the same time, customers have the ability to block the transfer of cookies by disabling Javascript. This can be done in the security settings' section of your browser. However, keep in mind that disabling Javascript may lead to different problems in the work of the browser.

Information protection. Storage and use of customer's personal data on our service is guaranteed to be protected from unauthorized access. To improve security, we use all currently existing methods and constantly update the software with the integration of new scripts.

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